How it works

Coast 2 Coast is a family owned business specializing in recycled textiles, such as clothes, bags, belts, towels, drapes, etc. We have been leader in the industry since the 1990’s. Currently, between us and our affiliate company’s we operate in over 62 countries around the world, and sort / recycle over 4 million pounds of used textiles per month.

We find our bin at your community

We will locate our bin at your community

Arrange pickups

We service condominiums, schoolds, office building, stadiums, and outher big facilities.

Recycle its content for FREE

Out mission is to collect and recydcle any textile, fabrics, cloths and accessories.

Saves Earth by Eliminating Waste

Coast 2 Coast takes textiles that have been thrown into the waste stream and gives it a new purpose in life by sorting, cleaning, and turning these items back into usable products.